Welcome to the new and improved Twin Lakes Association Website!

The Twin Lakes Association is a family community located in Franklin Township, Ohio. We value and enjoy the natural setting that our neighborhood provides.

Dear Twin Lakes Association Neighbors,

Welcome to our new TLA Association Website!  We have been working very hard streamlining where our property owners can get the most up-to-date news and information on our Twin lakes.  This website is a result of all of our hard work, however, I would like to especially acknowledge and thank Tracey Montanari, Business Manager, and Jill Grimm, Asst. Business Manager, for their hard work on the new website!

Please take a minute to review the new TLA Association website.  You will see links with current information about our community, Board Members, committees, documents, social media links, common properties, local business links, and most importantly, a calendar that will provide you with all of our TLA activities and events.  These links are located on the right side of your screen.

We invite you to register yourself on the new TLA Association website.  It is very easy to do and it is very secure.  If you need any assistance, please contact Tracey Montanari or Jill Grimm at the TLA Office, 330-678-9116.

There have been numerous requests for online bill pay.  We are very happy to announce that next year, 2018, we will offer online bill pay for your Annual Assessment. More information will be coming to you soon.

In the next few months, we will also adding much more to the TLA Association website. such as social groups, pet directory, and photo gallery to name just a few.  Please, look around and get comfortable.  This is your one stop place for all things TLA!


Barb Kimbrew, 
President, TLA Association

Contact Us:
Twin Lakes Association
1509 Merrill Avenue,  Kent, OH 44240
(330) 678-9116
[email protected]