May 29, 2020


TLA Friends and Neighbors,

     I hope this communication finds all of you safe and in good spirits! These are tough and uncertain times but certainly not unprecedented in American history. I learned so much from my father about challenging times from listening to his stories and observing his grit and courage over the years; he was one inspiring human being. A member of the “Greatest Generation”, he was smitten with Polio at 12 years of age and lost his father at the beginning of the Great Depression.  At age 18, this placed him in the position of heading a household of 11 and working a 60-acre farm. He then lived through the Great Depression and WW II. He also talked of living through several quarantines resulting from viruses and diseases for which no vaccines existed. Through all of this, I never heard my father complain about his handicap or any of his hard times. He just always said that “tough times build character and make you stronger if you will learn from them”. This positive attitude enabled him to be a very successful farmer and businessman in spite of his Polio and resulting physical handicap.

     I share my fathers’ experiences with you because, even though these life changing times are not historically unprecedented, they are unprecedented times for us and can be frightening and frustrating when experiencing a dramatically new way of living.  For me, however, I feel so fortunate to be a resident of Twin Lakes. Neighbors are friendly and a wonderful sense of community exists here.  The beautiful scenery, wildlife, and many resources of this community bring forth a safe, rural environment, while still having many shopping options for necessities nearby.

     I recognize that the Beach Property remaining closed is a significant summer loss for many of you, but other resources that may yet to be discovered still exist for TLA Property Owners. A wise person once said about opportunity, “when one door closes, another one opens”.  I would encourage all of us as Property Owners to embrace the temporary new life that we are living and to seek positive new doors that will open, if only we will search for them.  Your TLA passes are your key to the advantages of the Twin Lakes Association.

     The success of our organization in these trying times is to support, uplift, and be positive about our future. We, as the administration, are committed to the well-being, safety, and security of the Twin Lakes community, especially during this difficult time.  Please be safe, and do not hesitate to call or email me with questions and concerns.

Arden Sommers, President
The Twin Lakes Association Board of Trustees

[email protected]

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